We deliver door to door worldwide
We have 20 years of experience!
We were finding a path on which we walked, and on it which we want to follow! We love the strident colors, the classic shapes, the association and transformation of objects that we find and that everything we do is handmade and on a small scale.
We feel personally very committed and identified with what we do!
We feel that we have achieved a 30 square identity in the objects we design and produce; but also by the way of conceiving them. We love the challenge of associating shapes and objects that have nothing in common, but that together are enhanced and generate a new meaning totally different from what they were originally designed for.
We look to the future with optimism because we believe in our project, in our aesthetic "a bit played" in relation to the Minimalist World in which we are immersed, always trying to rescue existing objects to give them a new meaning and if we succeed ... a NEW AND COLORFUL LIFE!